pulled thread sampler

Past Workshops and In-house Courses

Below are just some of the workshops that the Guild has hosted over the past few years.

Jacobean leaf

Mike Parr
Jacobean Leaf Study, 2019

Blackwork peacock

Tanja Berlin
Blackwork Peacock, 2018

Baby urrowing owl thread painting

Tanja Berlin
Thread Painting
Baby Burrowing Owl, 2018

Hedebo tray cloth

Jette Roy Finlay
Danish Hedebo
"Katie's Hyggelig Tray Cloth", 2014

Knotted band sampler

Diane Scott
Knotted Band Sampler, 2013

Gold work flowers

Alison Cole
Goldwork, "Jacobean Splendour", 2013

canvas work apple

Diane Scott
Canvaswork Apple, 2012

sewing box

Ietje Jackovich
Georgina Mentis-style Sewing Box, 2012 (also 2006, 2005)

Romanian Point Lace

Sylvia Murariu
Romanian Point Lace, "Gentle Zephyr", 2012

no image available

Tracey Lawko
Imagine the Possibilities:
a Design Class for Stitchers, 2012

pulled thread sampler

Ietje Jackovich
Pulled Thread, "Norwegian Sampler", 2011

canvas work mountain path

Jacqui Clarkson
Canvas work, "Mountain Garden Path", 2011

Italian drawn thread set

Barbara Kershaw
Italian drawn thread, "Seminar Essentials", 2011

Danish bread basket cloth

Jette Roy Finlay
A Traditional Danish Bread Basket, 2009

octagonal box

Ietje Jackovich
Octagonal Box, 2009

thread painting dog head

Tanja Berlin
Painted Threads, 2008


Christy Thomasson
Book Binding, 2008

Mythical Myrtle

Barbara Kershaw
Casalguidi Embroidery, "Mythical Myrtle", 2008

band sampler

Amy Mitten-Stevens
Missing Persons File #1018, 2007

drawn thread box top

Barbara Kershaw
Russian drawn thread, "Snowflake Delight", 2007

mixed media design

Diane Gibson
Mixed media, "Radiant Relics", 2007

Hardanger pin cushion

Mary Wahl
Hardanger, 2006

beaded necklace

Flo Flory
Beading, 2006


Caroline Morrison
Blackwork, 2006

no photo available

Tracy A. Franklin
Contemporary Whitework, 2006

French purse

Caroline Morrison
Cross stitch and design, "French Purse", 2006

Temari balls

Mary Wahl and Brenda Wilson
Temari Balls, 2006

double spiral beaded necklace

Lisa Carlin
Double Spiral Beaded Necklace, 2006

pulled thread placemat

Barbara Kershaw
Pulled Thread, "Summer Blooms", 2006

Marie Perry
Mountain Garden Path, 2005

cutwork table mat

Dale Edwards
Cutwork, "Trilliums", 2005

ginkgo leaf kimono

Barbara Kershaw
Pulled thread, "Ginkgo Leaf Kimono", 2004

Brazilian embroidery

Dale Edwards
Brazilian, "Wildflower Basket", 2004

Schwalm tea cozy

Barbara Kershaw
Schwalm, "Tea for Two", 2004